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Modern Army Tourniquet

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   Such a medical device should be in every first-aid kit. At its own low cost, a hemostatic tourniquet can become a valuable piece of equipment that separates life from death or health from injury.

   The tourniquet is designed to temporarily stop bleeding when the arterial vessels of the lower and upper extremities are damaged, provides uniform compression, dosed compression and does not injure the skin and tissues.

   The design of the harness is simplified as much as possible, it can be easily applied independently with one hand, while applying minimal physical is equipped with a built-in rotary dial for fixing the exact time of applying the harness.

   Method of application: the Free end of the tape is passed through the buckle and form a loop for applying it to the limb, the loop is pre-tightened on the limb and fixed with a Velcro fastener (the smooth surface of the tape should fit the patient's body). Then, using the lever of the tightening mechanism, the slings are wound on the axis of the coil and the tourniquet is tightened until the bleeding stops completely.

1. Easy to use.
2. It is used by the military of different departments.
3. Rotary dial for fixing the time.
4. Durable hardware.

Nylon, Plastic.

Weight: 90 gram


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