Hop-up Chambers

Here you can find Russian Made Chambers. All of them designed and produced in Russia from high quality metal. They increase stability of BB and very-very durable

AEG Mags

Airsoft mags for AEG's such as VAL, VSS, 9A-91, VSK and AK.

Airsoft Gearboxes

Airsoft Gearboxe walls and Gearbox Kits. Made of high quality metal, ensure the long life of your airsoft AEG.

DTK Accessories

Here you can find accessories like thread adapters & covers for your DTK & barrel attachments.

Magazines upgrades

Here you can find different upgrades for your Airsoft mags or Ammo boxes. Mags are really big headache, especially if they have big volume (like 100+ bb). So, we are strongly recommend to take a look on this upgrades. Nobody want to appear opposite the enemy with a non-working Mag!

Inner Parts

Here you can find Inner Parts for your Airsoft Guns. They are all made and designed in Russia and provide maximal durability and you can use more harder spring with this parts!

Training Knifes

Miscellaneous Tunning

Here you can find different small items, not included in all other categories, but they are still cool. Take a look on them