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Custom Fee

 95% of  our parcels come through custom without any problem. 

You don't need to worry about custom fee, or about other problem. Why you will ask?

1. We checking your local laws and never will send items, that illegal in your country. So, parcel cannot be stopped on custom. 

2. We official company and send our parcels officialy. That means, that we pay all taxes and fee (they include in our price).

3. All items, that we sell come to us from legal sources (another traders can sell items from illegal sources (like stollen items from military warehouse), and their parcels can be stopped by Russian Custom). 

4. We send all parcels as non commercial parcels. Why? Becouse our clients buy them for themself, not for selling. That mean, that parcel for private using. And you don't need to pay custom fee and local taxes for it. 

So, you don't need to worry about custom, or custom fee ;)

P.S. Note, we doesn't guarantee, that your parcel will come without custom fee.

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