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Russian Army IRP


IRP (Individual Food Ration) - Russian Army food supply for personnelworking in field. Tasty and nutritious it designed to kill motherland’sprotector hunger almost everywhere in any weather conditions. One box for 24hours for one person. Prepare yourself for feast in trench!

So, it consist of more then 20 elemets from basicdishes to chocolate bar and chewing gum. There are 9 numberes of IRP sets. Theydiffers by one or two dishes, vegetable tin, and types of meat pates. Allwritings and marks made in IRP are in russian, and for person who don't know itmay be difficult to understand what to eat, and what not. Let's see themcloser:

1. 3 tins of main dishes there are always meat withvegetables, meatballs, and grain with meat dish. Some numbers include buckwheatas grain&meat dish. It may taste unusial for person, who never ate it, butbuckwheat is traditional russian food and it's very hard to find russian whodon't like it.

2. Galetas - crackers of two types. 2 packs of wheatcrackers, and 2 packs of wheat & rye crackers. Use them as bread.

3. 3 plastic spoons and 1 knife.

4. Food warmig set. Special unextingishable matches, 3soft-fuel tablets, warming fork.

5. Apple mash.

6. Melted cheese.

7. Vegetables. Could be ragout or mesh.

8.  Meat pates,two types.

9. Speck. Loks not very tasty, but it could turn to ambrosia, when terribly hungry and cold or if you little fry it and add some pepper.

10. Dry fruit-drink. You can pit in in a cup, or aflask. It’s no matter warm water or cold.

11. Black chocolate bar. Have some fun between fires.

12. Apple jam.

13. 3 packs of sugar.

14. Vitamin tablet.

15. Chlorine tablets for water disinfection.Proportion 1 tab for 1 flask. DO NOT TRY TO EAT THEM!!!

16. Disenfecting napkin. Used to clean skin and clothes.

Some spices.

And tea & coffe stuff.

Boxes and packs may look different but contens are always same, so don't be confused by that. 

Have nice meal!

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