Smersh AK (SSO)

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available


Smersh - most popular Russian Vest. In our shops 1/3 of all sold vests - Smershes. This is very popular, affordable and balanced vest. 

It's Belt System, so, pouches will be placed on waist, so, it's very comfortable vest for forest shooting, and not only. Made from very durable nylon fabric. 

It consist:

2x Double Ak Mag Pounch

4x Granade Pouch

1x Backpack

1x Medical Pouch

5 colors avaible

What is VOG Pouches?

This pouches for Hand Granade Launcher. This pouches included in set -

One size fits all. Universal size for everyone (from 40 till 64 size)  

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