Masking Suit "KZS"

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



   The question of choosing the main suit for a beginner or a separate suit for training or re-enacting for more experienced airsofters is very hard. Such suit should be cheap, durable and practical. Some people use "Gorka" suits for this purpose, but they aren't enough lightweight and breathable. Others prefer camouflage uniforms, but most of these aren't cheap.

   The Soviet "KZS" camouflage suit, which was originally developed with the aim of wearing over a chemical protection suit, is great to solve this problem. "KZS" includes loose jacket with a hood and pants. The suit is fastened with buttons and has no pockets, the need for which is actually small. The mesh fabric provides excellent ventilation and the seemingly outdated color still actually remains very effective.

   All these factors made this costume incredibly popular in GRU special forces during the Afghan war. The suit is great because its simplicity, convenience and light weight.

1. Low price.
2. Lightweight and comfortable.
3. Perfect for hot weather.
4. Suitable for re-enacting of the GRU in Afghanistan.                                

100% cotton

Weight: 800 gram