Helmet "Altyn"

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: hat
Stock Status: Available



The replica of legendary helmet, which was used by KGB\FSB, especially by the”Alfa” and “Vympel” groups. Used by KGB in Afganistan and FSB during both Chechen Wars and counter-terrorist operations at the North Caucasus. It`s one of the most famous Russian FSB SF units helmets. “Alfa” and “Vympel” equipment included Altyn helmet till 2014. It`s well-recommended and brutal assault helmet, which also has radio headset besides visor.
This helmet DOESN`T provide user with ballistic protection, it`s just AIRSOFT replica.

There are two versions available:
1. Dummy radio headset version WITHOUT visor and non-fonctional, decorative radio headset.
2. Real radio headset version, which includes visor and real radio headset with wire for Baofeng\Kenwood type radiostations.

1.Full version includes real radioset with wire for connection with Baofeng\Kenwood type radiostations. Dummy radioset version has only decorative radioset, but identical visually.
2.Suitable for FSB units reenactment.
3.Brutal Soviet design.
4.Helmet replica is made with usage of real helmet press-form,all sizes and proportions are identical to the original prototype.

1.Helmet- hisgh-durable fiberglass.
2.Visor- metal.
3.Visor`s glass- durable 6mm plexiglass.