Helmet 6B47

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: Hat
Stock Status: Available


6B47 (from Russian - 6б47) - most modern Russian helmet. Made on the base of 6B7-1M. Lightvery small, this helmet will be really great, if you want light helmet for special operation or just for sniping and etc. 

It's Ratnik helmet, from Ratnik Army set.

Features 2018 version copy:

1. 100% original form.  

2. Original liner. 

4. Original paint. 

5. Made from durable fiberglass.

6. Same to real weight (around 800 gram).  

7. Can fit original covers.

8. One size fits all

Version 2018 year. One size fits all. Fit any size of head from 55 till 62 size.