Winter Jacket "MDD"

Manufacturer: ANA
Product Code: jacket
Stock Status: Available


Jacket MDD (From Russian - "Куртка Морского Десантника Демисезонная" (Jacket of Marine Demiseason)) - one of the most legendary and popular winter jackets in Russia. Firstly created for Russian Marines, who needed good resistance against wind and of course cold, this jacket became very popular.

Usually it's used by Special Forces (like SOBR, VV MVD (Rosguard) and similar structures), but also became popular as Civil Jacket too. Usually used by builders, sportsman, skiers and etc.

This jacket provide very good resistance against wind and have warm liner inside. If you don't need warm liner, it can be detach it and use only wind and water proof jacket. 

Main difference between MDD from ANA and MDD-3 from SSO - material of liner. SSO use more expansive liner, it's have smaller weight.