Summer Suit "Steppe M6"

Manufacturer: ANA
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



   The uniform should provide the fighter not only with reliability and convenience, but also with advanced functionality. BDU Steppe 6 proved itself when it was used by Moscow SOBR, FSB and FSO operators.

   The distinctive features of the suit are high-quality tailoring, low price and durability because of strengthened fabric in the knees, elbows and seat area.

   The suit is an improved version of the American ACU, the developers took feedbacks from Russian special forces operators into account. The costume includes buttoned jacket and pants.

1. Excellent quality and affordable price.
2. Able to adjust the suit to your figure.
3. Strengthened fabric, ventilation in trousers and soft fleece in the collar.
4. A large number of pockets.

Rip-Stop 50 % cotton 50 % polyester

Weight: 1300 gram