Original Army Tushenka

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: IRP
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Tushenka - is stewed meat. Mainly beef, but sometimes you can buy pork one also. First inverted in the start of 19x century and forced by Napoleon, it's become popular in Russia. Used during WW1, WW2 and each year USSR producing around 100 millions jars with Tushenka inside. 

Currently Tushenka included almost in all Russian Soldier Rations. And not only. It's also popular as cheap, tasty and healthy eat, and even civilians love add Tushenka in different dishes. 

Why we calling it's healthy? Because Tushenka in Grey-Shop made from 100% beef, include ONLY beef, salt and spices. No soy, no additional sugar and preservatives. It's very tasty, and nutritious.

This is army version of Tushenka. It's include more meat, more tasty and just bigger :)

Another good feature, that Tushenka is the best choice for "Black Day". Usually expiration date of Tushenka is around 5-10 years, but if you keep it in dry, cold place (like cellar), it can be stored for around 40-50 years. 

If you want to taste Russia - it will be the best choice!

NOTICE! Before use, it is desirable to warm up (Open the jar before!). Eat bread, pasta, or separately without all

Gross Weight: Only 0.2 kg! All 200 gram is beef meet! 


WE CANNOT SHIP THIS IRP THROUGH DHL! We will refund it, or send it as ground shipping. Anyway, we will contact with you about it