Original Ratnik Watches

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: watches
Stock Status: Available

$209 $233

This is original Ratnik Watches, included in Ratnik set for officers. 

Created for extremely situation, like high and low temperatures, heavy rain, and even dust storms. Have special cover, for this situation, with antiallergenic fabric, so it you can worn it for several days. 

Work from +100 till -100 celcium.

Antishock, waterproof, with mechanical, with backlit, automatic winding, and protected from EMP. Can be used in any warfare, and of course in airsoft. Glass can protect from 9mm bullet from 15 metres. 

This watches survive even a nuclear explosion! 

Option depend only on color of paint. They are not really made from Silver or Copper. 

Attention! The kit does not include certificate or instruction!