Helmet "LSHZ-2DTM Volcano"

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: hat
Stock Status: Available


Replica of LSHZ-2DT helmet without visor. This helmet created for FSB, as "heavy" type helmet, for CQB operation, when operators need maximal defence. This helmet replaced more "heavy" helmets, like Altyn and K6-3. But due high cost of LSHZ full replacement not possible in near future. 

This replica is full copy of original helmet, same scale (1:1), made from fiberglass. Have RIS for placing flashlight or laser and NVG mounting. 

Visor consist from 2 parts, one 6mm another 8 mm and made from Plexiglas. We tested it and shoot with 6mm bb with 300 m/s speed. So, yes, it can be used for Airsoft. 

Sells in two variants:

1. Basic version - include radioset, radio cable (Kenwood Plug) and visor. 

2. Extended version - include radioset, radio cable (Kenwood Plug), visor, cover for helmet, cover on visor, neck protection.

One size fits all. Universal size for any head (from 55 till 62 size of head).