LSHZ-2DT Helmet

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: hat
Stock Status: Available



   Military personnel of the internal troops, as well as police and special forces, require reliable and effective means of protection. At the beginning of 2000, active development of such gear was carried out and in the end LShZ-2DT helmet was introduced.

   This replica from Gear Craft fully copies the appearance of a light bulletproof helmet, but DOES NOT have protective features. This helmet was designed as an lightweight but reliable helmet for police officers in urban areas.

   The helmet has a large area of protection, a minimalistic suspension system, as well as the ability to mount a visor. Suitable for re-enactors of the Internal Troops.

1.An exact replica of the original helmet.
2. Can be equipped with a visor.
3. Large area of protection.


Weight: 2kg