Soviet Kirzachi

Manufacturer: Russia
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    Kirzachi began to be used during the Imperial Army, and in many photos from the first world war, you could see soldiers in high boots. At that time, they were made of genuine leather, so these shoes were expensive.

    During the second world war, the Soviet Union faced a problem. The Union put millions of citizens under arms who needed to be properly equipped. One of the most expensive items of equipment were boots. To solve this problem, Soviet chemists helped, who suggested making boots from synthetic materials, the so-called "Kirza".

    "Kirza" was used by the Soviet and later Russian army from world war II until the 2010s, when they were replaced by regular boots. The main advantage of "Kirza" is its cheapness and durability. For socks kirzachey are used footcloths, in socks you will be uncomfortable to wear them.

1. Cheap and durable.
2. Used by Soviet and Russian Army.
3. Made of non geniune leather.
4. This is modern production, not Soviet Surpluses.

5. This product was in long-term preservation, in warehouse storage,
but this does not affect its quality and functionality!

Kirza - non geniune leather.

Weight: 2000 gram