Army Regular Weapon Case

Manufacturer: Techincom
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available


Created for Army Special Forces to carry their weapon. Used during moving to operation zone, to protect weapon from water, dust and etc. 

At the top of the case has a carrying handle in the upright position. In addition to the main compartment, the walls of the cover has pockets for inserting the foam, which ensures the necessary rigidity of the case. One inner side of the cover is stitched with three rows of 50mm Velcro for fastening of shops and additional pouches, the other side stitched MOLLE loops for attaching weapons. The main compartment holds up to two firearms with folded butts, or one kerb sighting devices (in the photo the highest standard with a large enough scope). The case is equipped with removable straps that attached to d-ring. Handles feature a clip for uniting and mounting to the case. On the outer side of the cover sewn Velcro for patches. 

At the moment developed a number of pouches for internal and external fixing to the case (sights, spare parts, etc.) 

Comes with two mounts for mags, 3 and 1.