Tanker Helmet (Shlemofon)

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: hat
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   The movement in armored vehicles (especially the old ones) had a number of inconveniences. The vehicle shakes on the go and the interior space consists entirely of solid parts with sharp corners. For this reason, military vehicles and aircraft crews are equipped with headsets - soft protective helmets, which also protect hearing and provide radio communication.

   This headset is designed for armored personnel carriers or tanks, has a built-in radio station. The headset closes with buttons, fits the head perfectly, protecting it from strikes and loud sounds.

   Due to its recognizable appearance, such a headset can serve as an excellent gift or souvenir.

1. The headdress of the tankman.
2. Excellent protection against strikes and noise.

3. This product was in long-term preservation, in warehouse storage,
but this does not affect its quality and functionality!

Fabric: Cotton 100%.

Weight: 900 gram