Redout T5 Molle

Manufacturer: Bastion
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available

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  • This is replica of vest. Come without any bulletproof protection!

  • Redout  Molle is new generation of Bodyarmor. It provides full body protection from bullet and shrapnel wounds. He also protects the shoulders and groin, for maximum survival soldier.

  • Assault vest FORT "Redout T5" is a stronger version of body armor series "Redout", designed to meet the long-term experience of antiterrorist operations.

  • At the heart of this model lies FORT body armor "Redout M" whose design is complemented by two side apron and shoulder pads of the second class of protection, front apron and the thoracic section of the collar is also made for the second class protection. The vest is equipped with two sets of unique two-section steel armor plates SP-M3 to protect the sides of the 5th class. Groin Apron izgotav-Lebanon with a special pocket for the placement of steel armor panels ASP-M1 for the protection of the 5th class. All of the additional armor elements are fixed with special fasteners that allows the user to adapt to the requirements of the body armor of the combat situation.

  • The total area of ​​the protection of body armor - up to 86

  • Replica. Groin Pad and Throat protectors not included. You can buy them here -

  • Universal size. One size fits all (from 44 till 62 sizes)