Full Wateproof Jacket "Boreas"

Manufacturer: ANA
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available


Membrane Jacket "Boreas" is new generation of Russian Stuff. Modern, technological, comfortable and of course very cool! And durable, like AK.

It was created for Tropical and Rainy climate, as jacket for real special force, who need full wateproof protection. Can be used in any regions and any time of year (even Middle European Winter). 

Fabric in this jacket used original, from USA. Just imagine, US technologies and Russian Quality. What can be better (we know - Cola and Vodka together!)? All zippers full waterproof!

Have special zippers on back, to provide you access to belt holster (especially important to Police Units and Special Forces Agents) or soft belt with pouches. 

Great choice for everyone, who want to be dry everyday, and want to use comfortable and light clothes.