Helmet 6B7-1M

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: hat
Stock Status: Available



   In the late 2000s, the Russian army needed a convenient and reliable helmet. Many options were presented to the competition from manufacturers. In addition to helmets 6b26, 6b27 and 6b28, a modified version of the old helmet, 6b7-1M, was also proposed.

   This helmet has become a universal combined-arms helmet for the ground forces, as well as for VDV. 6b7-1M is a reinforced aramid-expanded helmet, which has a high level of protection against fragments. This replica by Gear Craft fully copies the appearance of the helmet, but DOES NOT have protective features.

   The 6b7-1M helmet has a simple but convenient suspension system with three attachment points, as well as a large protection area.

1. A precise replica of the original helmet.
2. Large area of protection.
3. Three-point suspension system.
4. Used by Russian Ground Forces 2005-2016.


Weight: 2kg