Vest for Assault Shields

Manufacturer: Stich Profi
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available


This Molle Vest created for Assault Police or Special Force shield. It's created for VANT shields series, but can be used on ANY assault shield with small modifications. Even small one. 

Main purpose of this vest - make much easier using of Assault Shields, especially heavy one. This is done by shifting the load on his back entirely, instead part of back as usual when carrying the shield. System similar to heavy touristic backpack. With using of this vest you can use assault shield more on 20-40%, depend on it's weight and your physical form. 

This vest placing on shield with special rings, that's fasten on hook, that usually placed on any Assault Shield. If you are in extremal situations, you can fast dismount shield with using of  fastex. 

This vest have Molle belt, similar to any Battle Belts and additional Molle Platforms on the side of vest for placing Additional pouches, like Granade or Ammo Pouches. 

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