Rosguard (National Guard) Belt

Manufacturer: Zavod Trud
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



   In 2016, the Internal Troops (VV) and many other structures of the MVD RF were transformed into the National Guard of Russia, now "Rosguard", along with the reform, the guards began to receive new uniforms.

   The Rosguard belt is a statutory one for employees of the Rosguard. The belt is very rigid and reliable, so it can be used not only as a waist belt, but also as a discharge belt.

   This belt has a width of 50 mm, equipped with a plastic buckle with the coat of arms of the MVD RF and two straps for fixing the end of the adjustable belt in volume.

1. The belt width is 50 mm.
2. Large adjustment range, universal size.
3. Universal, suitable not only as a Trouser belt,but also as a pistol/discharge belt.

Fabric: Kapron.

Weight: 250 gram