Holster "MVD"

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   Classic issued holster for the Armed Forces and the MVD. This holster is worn by officers of various branches of the armed forces and departments in everyday and combat duty.

   This holster is designed for the Makarov pistol and its analogues. It has a flap on a rivet, under it the gun is insured with a special sling, also under the flap there is a pouch for a replaceable magazine of the PM pistol.

   The black holster is made for police officers and law enforcement agencies, the brown holster is intended for military personnel of the Army and Rosguard.

1. Standard holster for the Armed Forces and the MVD of the USSR and Russia.
2. For Makarov pistol.
3. Brown - army version.
4. Black - police version.
5. Sewn pouch for magazine.
6. Attention! This product could be in long-term conservation,
in warehouse storage and have external scuffs,
but this does not affect its quality and functionality!

Material of manufacture: Leather.

Weight: 185 gram