Utility Pouch "Fort"

Manufacturer: Bastion
Product Code: pouch
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    First aid kits are an indispensable thing during combat operations. One small shard flying into the leg can lead to blood loss, which can lead to death.

    Each soldier is provided with individual first aid equipment. It includes the most necessary medications, such as bandages, tourniquets, plasters, in order to provide first aid during the battle.

    The "Fort" pouch is a classic pouch from the 00x years. Can accommodate a tourniquet and bandage. Placed on the Mall. Perfect for FSB reenactors, the end of the 00x years.

1. Great for modeling.
2. Accommodates a tourniquet and bandage.
3. Placed on the MOLLE.

Cordura 500D

Weight: 60 gram