Vest "Smerch-A"

Manufacturer: Azimut SS
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available



   Conducting special operations in rough terrain (mountains, forests, fields) implies the performance of special tasks as well as a high level of autonomy and mobility. There is no doubt that the scout needs to choose the most suitable equipment that would meet one main requirement - carrying a large amount of ammunition over long distances with minimal exhaustion.

   Azimut SS produces inexpensive analogues of the famous belt system, suitable for beginners. The basis of the system is represented with hard and soft belts and straps attached at 4 points. SMERCH-A is equipped with 4 pouches for two AK magazines, 2 double grenade pouches, 2 pouches for flares and a utility bag located on the belt (doesn't interfere with wearing a backpack).

   SMERCH-A is quite spacious, has a simple design and affordable price, which makes it a great choice for a beginner who does not want to spend a lot of money at first.

1. Affordable price.
2. Large capacity.
3. Good choice for beginner AK operators.


Weight: 1.4kg