Absorber on the Buttstock

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available

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   To conduct high-precision shooting or for the simple convenience of using weapons, the shooter needs to constantly upgrade his carbine. One of the options for such an upgrade can be considered a special "Cheek on the butt".

   The cheek is excellent for use with optical and collimator sights, significantly improves the ergonomics and application of the weapon, makes its appearance more "professional", softens the impact of recoil, protects the butt from blows.

   The cheek is made of a durable non-slip synthetic material and has a filling made of a thin foam material. In its upper part, located along the ridge of the butt, the cheek has a step-up "step" for chin rest. The "step" is filled with dense polyurethane, which provides sufficient softness of the stop and dampens the impulse of the recoil from the shot.

1. The same is convenient for use when shooting,
both from the right and from the left shoulder.
2. Partially softens the recoil impulse when firing.
3. Improves the usability of optics.

Fabric: Kordon 500D.

Weight: 120 gram