Cover for Army Helmets

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: cover
Stock Status: Available


This covers created for most popular Army Helmets. They fit any helmet type (6b26, 6b27, 6b28, 6b7-1M, 6b47 "Action", 6b47, some models of Mich 2000 and etc). They all produced from High Quality Fabric, and provide 2-3 year of everyday use. 

Universal size, can fit 1st and 2nd sizes of helmets (all replicas come in 2nd size). Easy to attach and adjust. 

If you need cover certainly for 6B47 helmet- you need NVG+Rails version

There are 4 main types of helmet cover:

Standard Cover - Most standard, cheap and universal covers. 

Cover for Goggles - More modern version of cover, that created for using of goggles with helmet. 

Cover for NVG+Rails - Most modern version of helmet cover, created for 6b47 helmet with Rails and NVG mount.  Can fit any other helmets.