"Granit" Plate for 6b43/45/46

Manufacturer: Techincom
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available


  • This is original Plate for most popular Russian Army vests - 6b43/45/46. Have original sizes, but don't have any bulletproof qualities. Made from ceramic. Have two version, one with light weight (0.96 kg per plate), another one have original weight (2.6 kg per plate). 

  • NOTE! It's training plate, made by Techincom for Russian Army Training (to not break real one plate). 

    Bulletproof PLATES ILLEGAL TO SEND FROM RUSSIA!  This one plates full legal, due they have all documents, that it's training plate. Price for 1 plate. 

    Can be shipped to EU and USA without any problems. 

  • All Parts doesn't have buletproof qualities!