Trousers "City-Military"

Manufacturer: ANA
Product Code: trousers
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   The issue of clothing for airsoft players and civilian shooters is always especially acute. Practical and comfortable things are necessary, but military uniform is not suitable in all cases because it is designed specially for military needs, and camouflage is sometimes annoying.

   ANA provides urban trousers to solve this problem. These pants combine all the qualities of utilitarian military trousers: they have a large number of pockets (side pockets, patch pockets, slash pockets, flap pockets and pocket for a multitool / flashlight / knife).

   City trousers have a straight silhouette, wide belt loops for a belt and they are easily adjustable around the waist. Strengthened fabric in the knees area will extend their service life and increase the comfort of use, and monotonic coloring allows you to wear them with casual clothes.

1. Perfect choice for the city.
2. Suitable for outdoor activities.
3. Casual style.
4. High functionality.

Fabric: 35% Cotton 65% Polyester

Weight: 700 gram