Weapon Paint "Taiga"

Manufacturer: Landscape
Product Code: camo
Stock Status: Available


This is one of the most newest and best weapon Paint. It's created for military aims, but of course can be used for Hunting or Airsoft. 

Paint created for extremal conditions. It will works up to 300 Co. It provide protections against water, dust and even big sand. 

Can be applied to wood, steel, plastic and etc. Provide protection against IR. 

Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation recommend to use this paint, and used it for AK-15 on Interpolitech 2016.

Can be applied to metal components and parts of any weapon or replica based on Soviet or modern Russian design, including AK, AKM, SVD, Saiga, PKM.

NOTICE! Finish is applied with the help of a sponge, aerograph, air-brush (with a nozzle from 0.8mm) or a universal Preval sprayer.