Kneepads "Combat"

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: kneepads
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   For a long time in the military sphere, knee protection was treated with disdain, for a long time the military did not have convenient knee protection, but the development of combat trousers from Crye Precision at one time made a real revolution in the field of military equipment, protective inserts in knee pads became the main feature of this revolution!

   "–°ombat" - these are kneepads-inserts of the Gen. 3 type, designed for use with tactical trousers like " Gen.3M", "RUSH" and other trousers with the ability to install integrated protection.

   The set of knee pads consists of two identical inserts.

1. Set of two inserts.
2. Fit into any tactical trousers.

Fabric: Neoprene.
Hardware: Plastic.

Weight: 160 gram