Neoprene socks "Swell"

Manufacturer: Splav
Product Code: socks
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    During a combat mission in rough weather conditions, it may happen that cold water gets into your boots. This will cause great inconvenience, and can also threaten your health.

    The famous company "Splav" has developed special neoprene socks "Swell". The main feature of these socks is minimizing the inconvenience of getting wet. These socks warm the water that has got into the boots to your body temperature.

    “Swell” socks don’t slip, are made of a pleasant to the skin material, thin and fit perfectly on the foot. They can be worn in the temperature range from -5 to +25 C.


1. Multifunctional.
2. Help when you get wet.
3. Do not slip.

Neoprene 100%

Weight: 50 gram