Holster "Leather"

Manufacturer: Stich Profi
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   This holster is made of high-quality genuine leather and stitched with high-quality threads with a special impregnation, increased thickness of the German company Gutermann.

   The location of the gun relative to the belt with a small tilt back. the design of the holster provides a tight hold of the gun, so there is no additional strap, which allows you to use the weapon for a shorter period of time.

   Since the leather "shrinks in size" a little during the process of forming the holster, the initial placement and removal of the weapon in the holster can be difficult. The holster must go through a period of "lapping" to your weapon, which is not repeated placement and removal of the gun and can last one to two days. This inconvenience will be compensated in the future by the tight placement of the weapon in the holster throughout the entire service life.

1. Belt holster.
2. Can be used covertly under clothing.

Material of manufacture: Leather.

Weight: 70 gram