Armband "FOF"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: armband
Stock Status: Available


Armband "FOF" - Friend of Foe, created for Special Force training and of course for Airsoft. It's placing on Arm on right, left or both sides. 

Firstly was created for SOBR units, but became popular in another special forces too. Easily placing on arm, with using of velcro. 


2 Reversible Blue/Yellow Armbands.

1 Red Armbands (usually with using of this color Russian Special Force and airsofters marking, that they are dead). 

1 Cover for Armbands. 

Selling in two size:

M - For size XS-L (Russian 44-54)

L - For Size XL-4XL (Russian 56-64).