Army Vest "6SH117" SOF

Manufacturer: Techincom
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This is one of the most modern Army Issued Russian Vests. It's 6sh117 manufactured in Beige Digital. It's special color, that was created for Syrian Warfare and just for Sought Regions. 

Beige Digital (it's official name for now) works great in any sought Regions and countries, like Italy or Spain, but will works also good in Autumn. Old Pink color not more in use. 

Fabric - original Mogoteks (analog of Cordura 1000D). 

6sh117 is the most modern platform for Pouches. Any MOLLE pouches can be placed on it. Platform is full adjustable and can be adjusted for every person, even kids. On the back it also have pouch for Hydration systems (up to 2 Litres). 

The vest is sold in two versions:
1.Just platform- Includes 6sh117 platform itself
 Assault set, which includes: 

  1. 6SH117 platform
  2.Army Pouch for 2 AK Mags -4 pcs

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