"Reflective Patch" Embroidered Patch Set

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: armband
Stock Status: Available


This patch made for real Special Forces. It can be attached on any velcro panel (on helmet, arm, back of vest and etc). Created for Special Force, to avoid friendly fire.

Used in almost all operations, especially during bad weather and vision (Rain/Snow/Night). 

Can be used in "Civil" life for running and bicycling. 

Include 4 patches (two yellow and two orange) and small bag. 

Provide reflection up to 150 metres. 

2018 year generation. 

Now include 4 patches for the same price and small bag.

Fabric changed, provide reflection up to 150 metres.

Durability increased. 

Selling in two sizes big (10x10 cm) and small (5x10 cm).