Soviet Suit "WW2" (SALE)

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   The Red Army, like any other, required its own military uniform. These times were rough for Russia and this uniform had to be as simple, useful and cheap as possible. Now Soviet Union doesn't exist, but many people are engaged in military-historical re-enacting. The uniform from the past is produced for them.

   This suit entered the army in 1943 and included a tunic with two chest pockets and trousers with two side and one back pocket. In 1943 the Red army was not using collar insignias anymore and replaced them with shoulder boards. Soviet soldiers ended the Second World war in this uniform and it became the symbol of victory.

   This replica of the suit is made of 100% cotton and most accurately repeats the appearance of a real one. The tunic is worn over the trousers and the trousers have special ties for more comfortable wearing of boots. A perfect choice for re-enactors.

1. Symbol of the victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.
2. Was designed in 1943.
3. Original materials.
4. Perfect for re-enactors.
5. Tunic and trousers included.

100% cotton.

Weight: 1kg