Winter Masking Suit "6sh119"

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



   Choosing the right camouflage for a certain terrain allows you to shoot first, disorient the enemy and fire freely or simply escape in the woods after a contact reconnaissance. But here came the cold Russian winter and your camouflage began to unmask you.

   6sh119 masking suit is included in the Ratnik Gear. This suit is notable for its high functionality: there are cuts for access to the equipment, non-slipping inserts, a chest pocket and also a lot of tightenings to make it fit you. The kit includes a jacket, pants and thin non-slip gloves.

   In addition to high functionality, this costume also has excellent disguise. The hood can be adjusted to the size of a balaclava to provide even less visibility. Used by whole Russian Army.

1. Excellent winter camouflage.
2. Comfortable to wear over level 7.
3. Lowweight.
4. Takes little place in the backpack.
5. Has special cuts, non-slipping inserts, adjusts to the figure and etc.
6. Non-slipping gloves included.

Cotton 100%.

Weight: 1 kg