Suspenders "SIB"

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



   Load Bearing Equipment have proven to be highly effective in the past century, and even after the appearance of harness vests, they have not disappeared. During active actions in rough terrain it's too hot to wear armor, and shooting from a prone position makes it impossible to access the chest pouches.

   S.I.B. suspenders allow you to turn a warbelt into an simple and convenient LBE. They redistribute part of the weight on the shoulders, allowing you not only to burden the belt more, but also to carry all the equipment comfortably. Suspenders are mounted at 6 points and are easily adjustable.

   Since the suspenders have low profile, they can also be easily used together with tile plate carrier or full body armor, ensuring high modularity and convenience.

1. Prevents warbelt sliding down.
2. Convenient for use as a standalone LBE or with body armor.
3. Allows you to carry more equipment on the belt


Weight: 190 gram