Helmet "Maska-1"

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
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    Desperate times required desperate measures. After the emergence of a new terrorist threat, special forces of the USSR needed new weapons and equipment. First of all, this influenced armor protection, it was necessary to develop body armor and helmets that would provide the highest possible level of protection during the combat in buildings or transport.

    Thus, in the 1990s, “Maska-1” helmets started to be used by MVD special forces and other units. This helmet is a replica of “Maska-1”, which has a weight close to the real prototype and looks just like the real one. The helmet has a steel visor, an original suspension system. One size fits all.

    The helmet has recognizable appearance and is great for re-enacting Russian special forces in Chechen wars.

1. Great for re-enactors.
2. Weighs like a real one.
3. The original suspension system.                                             
4. One size fits all.
5. Steel visor.

Visor: Steel.
Helmet: Fiberglass.

Weight: 3000 gram