Cover for 6b47 Helmet

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: cover
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   In combat a necessary task for a soldier is to provide the work of camouflage. For this reason, camouflage suits and gear are included in the kit. In most cases helmets don't have a camouflage pattern and constantly repainting it according to the environment is also not the best choice. For this camouflage covers are used.

   Cover for 6b47 from Mordor Tac. has an advanced design and is made of a durable fabric. The cover has apertures for NVG mount, RIS planks and velcro panels for attaching chevrons and patches. On the behind there are loops for goggles belt.

   The cover is easy to put on and fits the helmet very tightly. It is presented in many camo patterns, both the most popular and very rare ones. Also the cover protects your helmet from light damage.

1. Advanced design.
2. Many camo patterns.
3. Velcro on both sides and on the behind.
4. Tight fit.

Fabric: Cotton 51%, polyamide 49% (A-Tacs, Black, Olive, Digital Flora).

Weight: 60 gram