Helmet LSHZ 1+

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: hat
Stock Status: Available



    Modern age has brought a lot of changes to the tactics of warfare. There is a lot of new equipment designed for use by special forces operators. New challenges made it necessary to upgrade current gear to a higher level of functionality.

    Gear Craft produces replicas of helmets LSHZ-1+, which were developed especially for the needs of the Russian SOF. This earless helmet has increased functionality due to rails for placing additional equipment, NVG mount and velcro panels.

    The helmet is equipped with a convenient OPS CORE type suspension system with great adjustability. One size fits all. The helmet is suitable for re-enacting such special forces as SOF, FSB, SOBR and others.

1. Multifunctional lightweight helmet.
2. Great for hot weather and forest terrain.
3. Convenient suspension system.
4. Suitable for re-enacting modern Russian special forces.                                


Weight: 1500 gram