Cover for Altyn

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: cover
Stock Status: Available



   In combat a necessary task for a soldier is to provide the work of camouflage. For this reason, camouflage suits and gear are included in the kit. In most cases helmets don't have a camouflage pattern and constantly repainting it according to the environment is also not the best choice. For this camouflage covers are used.

   Cover for the legendary "Altyn" helmet which protects it from light damage due to strong fabric. There are apertures for the visor mount, headset and other details. Also on the cover there are side and back velcro panels for attaching chevrons and patches and two slings for fixating the band of the goggles.

   The cover is easy to put on and fits tightly on the helmet. Presented in both popular and rare camo patterns. Perfect for FSB re-enactors. Designed for the 2nd size helmet, but can fit the 1st size.

1. Simple design.
2. Tightly sits on a helmet.
3. Side velcro panels.
4. Great choice for re-enactors.
5. Many camo patterns.

Fabric: Rip-Stop.

Weight: 100 gram