Tactical belt "Flex"

Manufacturer: Tactical Decision
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



   Many military or tactical items have advanced functionality and increased convenience, unlike many civilian items, the "Flex" belt is one of the clearest examples of such a thing.

   The "Flex" belt is a real waist belt of a tacticool man! The belt has elasticity, so you do not feel any discomfort while wearing it in different positions, fastened with a special magnetic buckle.

   This belt has a width of 35 mm and is equipped with a magnetic buckle. It has four sizes: S - up to 90 cm, M-up to 100 cm, L-up to 110 cm, XL - up to 120 cm.

1. The belt width is 35 mm.
2. Elastic, does not restrict movement during active actions.
3. Reliable magnetic buckle.
4. The buckle breaking Load is 70 kg.
5. The metal detector did not react on the buckle.
No more need to remove your belt at the airport.

Strap: Elastic sling.
Hardware: The buckle material is a frost-resistant polymer.

Weight: 150 gram