Combat trousers "VOIN"

Manufacturer: VOIN
Product Code: trousers
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   Modern combat uniform should combine such qualities as multitasking, comfort, durability and simplicity. Many types of uniform are developed, but special tasks require the use of special equipment. Regular BDU trousers are not always enough functional and comfortable, which does not satisfy the special forces operators.

   Combat pants "VOIN" were developed for Russian special forces, using the experience of Syrian war. These pants are a minimum version of pants from VOИN, but they have a higher wearing comfort in comparison with analogues. Pants have built-in knee pads and ventilation under the knees and at the waist.

   Unique knee pads give the pants a recognizable look. The pants can be adjusted at the waist, also adjustable in height and the outer and inner seam of the pants.

1. Specially designed for special forces, tested in combat.
2. Created for those cases, when you need maximal mobility.
3. Great for hot weather.
4. Do not glow in NVG.
5. Include unique polymeric kneepad.

Fabric: Rip-Stop 50% Cotton 50% Nylon
Furniture: Nylon mesh, Polymer knee pads

Weight: 900 gram