VOIN Combat trousers "Les"

Manufacturer: VOIN
Product Code: trousers
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Russian Special forces looked for comfort and suitable for summertime combat trousers. Russian company "VOIN" created their "Les" model. It was Approved by Russian SSO in Syria,created especially for extremely hot regions. Best solution for summer.

Has additional ventilation in all possible zones, fast-accessible pockets placement and a lot of regulating elastic bands to personalize pants with maximum comfort for user.

One of the main features: new type shock-resistant integrated knee pads with additional polymeric lining for saving the material of trousers from damages. Also has new internal shock-absorbers with additional perforation for better circulation of air.

Gives +100 to comfort, +100 to brutality and +100500 to authentity if you reenact modern Russian SOF.

"Les" Model created mainly for fast combats, when you need maximal mobility and of course for hot summer. It's light and breathable.

1. Created for those cases, when you need maximal mobility.
2. Include unique polymeric kneepad.

1. Rip-Stop Fabric (50% Cotton 50% Nylon).
2. Polymeric Web.
3. Polymeric Kneepad

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Volume weight 1,1 kg (size M)