6B34 Protective Goggles

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: goggles
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   For a long time, mankind did not have ways to effectively protect their vision during combat, but in the late 90s of the XX century, materials appeared that were used to create protective glasses that could protect not only from dust flying into the eyes, but also from shrapnel with small-caliber bullets!

   6b34 goggles were developed by the company "Kirassa" in 2008, and were included in the set of equipment "Barmitsa". The thickness of the protective lenses is 6 mm, the frame of the glasses has ventilation holes that provide air circulation and a paralon pad for comfortable wearing on the face.

   The set consists of a frame with a belt and a cover made of waterproof fabric.

1. Excellent vision protection.
2. Reliable thick lenses.

Lenses: Polycarbonate.
Frame: Rubber.

Weight: 210 gram