Fast Mag Pouch "SRVV"

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



   A second when reloading solves a lot in urban combat. Opening the lap of a mag pouch takes little time, despite the fact that such pouch is needed only to protect the magazines from dirt, which is unnecessary in the city.

   The Survival Corps provides a solution to this problem — a fast mag pouch. This pouch provides strong fixation of the AK or AR magazine due to the elastic cord. Its elasticity also allows you to get the mag out of your pouch easily. There is a hard plastic element mounted on the front side.

   The fast mag pouch uses two MOLLE webs and has external MOLLE for mounting additional equipment. Like all SRVV gear, this pouch is made of completely original materials with usage of Russian technologies.

1. Perfect for the city.
2. Suitable for AK and AR mags.
3. Great fixation.
4. Doesn't glow in NVG.

Fabric: Original SURPAT® / Multicam® / A-tacs FG® CORDURA® 1000D, NIR. 
Furniture: STOCKO® buttons. COATS® threads.

Weight: 100 gram