Backpack "SRVV" 30L

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



   You may need a lot of items in combat conditions bothly in fields and in urban terrain and sometimes the consequences make you conduct actions in autonomy and you need the backpack with enough volume for this kind of needs.

   SpecOps backpack is spacy and user-friendly backpack, due to the big inner volume and the detachable belt you can load it enough and distribute the weight properly. With usage of so called beaver tail you may also carry the helmet or the weapon.

   The backpack has 3 comprotements, the first is in the beaver tail , for small items , the second one for middle volume items and with organiser ,and the main one with 3 l hydration system pocket. The beaver tail also allows to carry the helmet.

1. 30 L big inner volume.
2. Big and ergonomic back.
3. Two comportements for different purposes.
4. Detachable weight distribution belt.
5. Beaver tail allows to carry the weapon.
6. Doesn`t ''shine'' in NVG .

Fabric: CORDURA® 1000D.
Furniture: VELCRO®, COATS® threads, YKK STOCKO® accessories, Durable nylon mesh.

Weight: 1.3kg