Light Summer Boots "Cobra"

Manufacturer: Byteks
Product Code: boots
Stock Status: Available



    Continuation of the legendary series "COBRA".

   Suitable for camouflage types such as "MultiCam" and the color of the equipment "olive". The shoe is made in combination with high-strength cordura fabric and well-breathable velour leather. Many law enforcement officers prefer this model. The Italian sole has high strength characteristics, wear resistance indicators, which increases the service life of the shoe as a whole. The reversible tread provides maximum grip on all surfaces.

   It is recommended to use it as a city (tactical) boot. For patrol and post service, security guards, special forces, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a training boot, a casual sock. It is also perfect for people who choose an active lifestyle. Perfect for light trekking, and small day hikes.

1. High-speed lacing.
2. On the inside of the berets is a molded " Zipper".
3. Blind valve.
4. Toe cap-Reinforced with thermoplastic material.
5. Backdrop-Hard from TM.

Upper: Hydrophobic " Velour"
Lining: Hygroscopic and wear-resistant "Cambrel" fabric.
Outsole: Molded from special rubber, heat-resistant,
petrol-and oil-proof.

Weight: 1140 gram