SRVV Rys-T Helmet Cover

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available


Helmet cover for Russian "Rys-A" and "Rys-T" helmets designed to help the soldier to blend into the environment and to protect the outer surface of the helmet from damaging
Features include: 
● VELCRO® panels on back and on both sides where you can attach patches
● Nylon straps on both sides to fix ballistic glasses 
● 2 fluorescence elements are included in set with helmet cover
● Technological holes for fixing a helmet visor and a radio garniture

Materials used:
● Fabric: original SURPAT®, ripstop, 50% nylon/50% cotton, NIR, MIL-DTL-44436A
● Original SURPAT® tapes, NIR
● COATS® threads
● STOCKO snap buttons

Weight: 90 g

Color: SURPAT®